Contract Enforcement: Is the Grievance Procedure Working?

When UPS Freight Teamsters joined the union, one of the main things we were looking for was to get on an even playing field with management.

A grievance procedure is supposed to protect our day-to-day work lives. We have to live under the contract and we expect management to do the same.

Our contract language is only as good as the enforcement behind it. We’re looking for members’ ideas for improving the grievance procedure (Article 7) and contract enforcement.

Send us your story of how you or your steward won a grievance. Or, tell us what problems or roadblocks you’ve run into in filing a grievance or what happened after it got to the panel.

Tell us any other observations you have regarding the process. Use the “comment” section to inform other Teamsters of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to your experience with grievances.


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Looking at the 2011 docket decisions has me concerned that this last weeks docket will be much the same..almost all greivances except for 11 of them were either deadlocked, held, or redocketed..What irks me is, these are just not minor complaints, there is somebodys livelihood on the line,,Some of these over a Year or two.. Why arent these being addressed immediatly? The contracting issue is a major one..I know guys who have lost runs over this and many or most have moved on to other jobs or position with other companys..In fact we have one that went to a Contracter and is now making .39 cents /mi.He had been layed off over 2 years..Does anyone know how long does these greivance panels have? I see its every 6 months..but looking at these particular greivances, some of them have been on the docket awhile..

Grievances are as strong as the locals allow the stewards around the country allow them to be.

The dockets are a joke, Hoffa is a tool of the highest order, ups walks over the teamsters officials everywhere, time for the old guard to be cleaned out.

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Every time I file on something, the result is "Company Will Comply" and they go on to violate the same article in the contract again with impunity.

Next time they try to write me up, I'm going to sign it "Employee Will Comply".

Seriously though, there needs to be consequences when two parties make an agreement and one side willfully and repeatedly violates that agreement. Right now, there are few consequences.

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I would have to agree, it seems as if though greivances are more of a waste of time and are being viewed as such by the work and file. People complain of an issue and then become a target. There is no ramifications for breaking the deal. so mgnt goes on breaking the new rule. I would suggest something be put inplace to give us the right to monitor and employ an effective system that will keep the company inplace and the rank and file.

I have filed, 400 grievances personal, and stewards grievances.....they are not a waste of guys have to vote in good stewards that enforce the contract.

David Williams steward Indy ...

In three years our business agent has never came in to meet with the guys to discuss current issues or concerns, all we get from him are letters telling us that our dues are going up, I think mine are like 77.00 per month.

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Whats the alternative? Non Union company? Would you be treated any differently than we were 5 years ago? I know at my barn, the first thing that would go is senority..We have a handful of young non union go getters that would eagerly take old timers jobs away from them, I know it's happening right now with contractors, but eventually this thing will bite UPS in the Butt and hopefully shame alot of the Teamster leadership."Good things come to those who wait?" I'm just as frustrated as anyone, but the alternative would not be any less attractive.We all need to stay on the same frequency and focus on getting our contract fixed and enforced, thats what I pay dues for!

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This is never going to change. Hoffa and the IBT has been in UPS' back pocket since before the purchase of Overnite.As a matter of fact, I think the ink was dry on our "contract" before the ink had dried on the purchase agreement of Overnite. I just wonder if Hoffa has to wear a unform too?